The Soča Valley


The river starts in the Trenta Valley in the Julian Alps and runs for 96 kilometres through Slovenia before entering north-eastern Italy. Due to its perennial emerald green water the river is also known as “The Emerald Beauty” and is one of the rare rivers in the world that retains this colour throughout its length.

About Soča


Running through the Soca Valley, flanked by the Julian Alps, the river and its surroundings create a paradise for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies. In the north close to its source is Mt Triglav which at 2,863.65 metres, is the highest peak in Slovenia. The mountain is situated in the beautiful Triglav National Park which is the gateway to the Soca Valley.

From climbing Mt Triglav to more moderate hiking trails in the surrounding national park this is but the gateway to various adventure activities in the Soča Valley. The main town of Bovec provides access to the valley and numerous tour and adventure activity providers are situated in the town. Starting at the bottom of the valley the river provides rafting and kayaking possibilities for all ages, from the novice to the pro. The Soča is renowned for its fly fishing and trout abounds. The valley walls and canyons are ideal for mountain biking and hiking. Again, there are numerous options for everyone, from a quick, extreme morning ride or hike to a more meandering pace over a couple of days. The canyons running into the valley are perfect for canyoning and zipline adventures. The Učja Canyon contains the biggest zipline in the EU, 4km of insane fun. The mountains terrain around the river also provides various options for paragliding and Bovec has its own airfield and drop zone for skydiving.

Sitting above Bovec at 2293m is the Kanin ski resort, the highest ski resort in Slovenia. The ski resort is accessed with a cable car from Bovec and is a favourite of the locals in the winter. It provides a ski school and skiing for the novice to the expert. The ski resort links with the Selle Nevea resort in Italy. In the summer the mountain surrounding the resort has various hiking and mountain biking routes and opportunities.

The beautiful Soča River with its scenic setting is a true nature lover’s paradise, for the laidback to the adrenaline seeker. The valley earned the EDEN (European Destination of Excellence) title for its sustainable development of tourism.