Specific Activities


From meandering walks to exhilarating skydiving, the Soča valley offers it all…

Mountain Biking


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The natural terrain and interesting history of the Soča Valley create a paradise for all levels of mountain bike riders. The valley and surrounding mountains are full of mule tracks that were used during World War 1. These tracks provide access to the surrounding mountains and thrilling single track experiences. From easy 5km trails with climbs of 150m to 70km plus trails with climbs in excess of 1200m there are trails for everyone. Biking in the Soča Valley promises to be a unforgetable experience.




The mountains and valleys forming the Soča Valley contain numerous marked hiking trails that cater for all, from advance mountain hikers and climbers to the casual hiker looking for meandering paths through alpine forests. From the highest mountain peak in Slovenia, Mt Triglav, situated in the Triglav National Park to the emerald green Soča River hikers enjoy unspoiled natural beauty.

Fly Fishing



The Soča River, the Nadiža River, the Tolminka River and the Idrijca River, all in and around the Soča Valley, have an abundance of Marble Trout, Grayling, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout for fly fishing enthusiasts. Fishing in these rivers means fishing in crystal clear tranquil waters for trout that can weigh up to 24kg and grow to 1m.

River Rafting



Rafting on the Soča River is one of the best ways to experience this emerald green alpine water of the region. The 10km long rafting trip from Log Čezsoški to Trnovo ob Soči is very popular. There are no special skills required except the ability to swim and when the water level is adequate rafting can be enjoyed by all ages. Rafting trips take approximately 2-3 hours and there are various sport agencies in and around Bovec which will provide guides and all necessary equipment.

Adventure Activities



There are numerous adventure activities provided by experienced and knowledgeable service providers. Adrenaline junkies can skydive at Bovec skydiving centre, paraglide around Kobrid and kayak on various rivers in and around the Valley. The Ujča Canyon houses the biggest zipline in Europe, with 10 steel cables between 250m to 600m. This beautiful canyon is also used for exciting canyoning and swimming in rock pools.

Kanin Ski Resort



Slovenian’s highest ski resort, at 2293m, is situated on the slopes of Mt Kanin, which forms part of the western mountains of the Soča Valley. The resort is linked to the Italian Sella Nevea resort and is easily accessible by cable car from Bovec. In summer the cable car is used by hikers and mountain bikers to access the mountains.